The best walk so far!! – Account (Roman Baths revisited)

Carsten and Steve turned up at the meeting point not a drop of rain in sight. (phew)

Huge Rock

Spot the face

I see a donkeys head in the Picture!!



Carsten and Steve had our nature goggles turned on, we were both in the zone spotting the lone wild orchids which not easy to spot.  Due to the heavy rain we had yesterday the normally dry river bed past the the Roman Baths was 6 inches deep!! So a detour was in order.

Yellow Bee Orchid




We quickly picked up the path again and were soon rewarded with our first glimpse of a yellow Bee Orchid (Ophrys lutea).



Next our treasured marker comes into view, it indicates

where we cross the river – the 7 trunked Eucalytus tree, a couple of tree hugs were

in order.Tree Hugs !!Tree Hugs !!


We adeptly cross the river which was just covering the usually dry
stepping stones.





Knowing that we were just a few minutes away from the limestone gorge.
Which is utterly stunnning.

Just before the view point we spot another variety of
orchid, the bumble bee (Ophrys bombyliflora).

Bumble Bee Orchid

Next onwards and upwards as we head to the old Roman Viaduct and former mill.
Again we manfully cross the river.We are greeted with beautiful with clusters of wild
huge white calla lillies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) Excuse my latin !!

Large White Calla






Here was the perfect point to stop for our packed lunches,in the connecting end of the

Looking directly up the the fortress of Casares.



It seems ours senses are also
heightened today as fantastic diffferent smells were everywhere and the songs of birds so clearly.









This is the furthest we have gone on this out and back, putting in an
exhilarating 4 and half hours worth of nature !!By the time we got back to the car the
sun was shining brightly a perfect finish to the day.

Easy Tiger

Yey…. the perfect chair


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1 Response to The best walk so far!! – Account (Roman Baths revisited)

  1. Hazel Caine Corte-Real says:

    Thank you, I very much enjoyed your photos of your walk, we too have these wild orchids here in our parts of Portugal and when I come across them I’m so grateful to see they still exist! Where are these Roman Baths in Spain?

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