Crestellina Reverse Walk 22nd March – Account

The Group Comprised of Carsten, Cathy, Karen, Kari, Steve and Trevor B.
The dogs were Bobo, Kizzy and Newnew.

TeamWe set off from the ruta board in Casares village at 9.30am prompt.
The first part of the walk is almost one hour uphill, we quickly get warmed up.
Just like last week the conditions for walking were perfect.
We do walk in reverse to enjoy the stunning views at their best.
We passed one of the fountains of Casares which flows with pure water straight from the mountain.Team2

Approx 25 minutes uphill, we encountered a special villa which had several large Aztec statues in it’s gardens.
Just before the green gate on the right there are spectaculars views to Gaucin and a new 16km ruta board sign to Genal Gaucin
(looks like achallenge for us hard core!!)Here we takek time out to water the dogs and take in the views.


Snake Alert

Snake Alert

After around 45 minutes we passed through the green gate.
And through the pine forest. And through the pine forest which was the last part of walking uphill. We then levelled out on a path giving fantastic views of Crestellina mountain.Here we have a snake alert and few screams! but Trevor is going in bare hands!!!
We also see a few mud holes where the wild boar have been rolling about.
here we are  also looking down to the spectacular views of Casares village and beyond.
We continued on the flat until we made a small detour the Mirador (look-out point), giving 360 degree views.




At 1 hour 30 minutes we sat down at the Mirador and ate our much welcomed packed lunches. It was fun to see
the dogs running behind each other along the mirador wall
The views here also took in San Martin and the Guadiaro river as well as Gaucin and to the left Los Reales. The final part of the walk needed due care, (this is why it is important to wear good walking shoes).
As this was the downhill part and we had to wend our way down stones and steps and some shale. The walking poles came in very handy!!

Then the last part on the new pedestrian walkway, we stopped at Venta Maricruz which also has amazing views. Finally back into the village to our parked cars, 3.5 hours in total.



A great time was had by all. And to think it costs nothing to walk, cheap as chips!!


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Funky Kirtan Night – Thursday 27th March

Hi All,

6.45pm  meet at Karen & Steve’s for 7.00pm  prompt start!!

If you know anyone who is interested in being added to the email list please let me know.

Also if anyone plays an instrument please feel free to bring it along.

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Ole Dammegård – Tuesday 25th of March @ 6.00pm

At the GHH. Ole Dammegård will be speaking on
‘Conspiracies & Spirituality….how to combine the two – (Part 2)’.

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The Gratitude Walk 15th March – Account


Indeed we were truly blessed with fantastic weather unlike a fornight ago.

(A repeat of the Vultures Restaurant walk).

The team consisted of Louise, Karen, Kelly, Steve and Trevor. Plus Bayley
and Milly the dogs.

Amazingly one of our topics of conversation was about Gratitude !!As
this was a circular walk we missed our first big sign the first time round.

Lunch Time

The Finish

The white flowers of the wild garlic were scattered in many areas.We crossed the
river and up the valley.

Next we began a serious climb up the side of Los Reales Mountain, the blott on lanscape is the landfill below in Estepona.

As we have our backs to it is soon forgotten. As reach the of
one of the lower peaks of Reales it levels out and Trevors Mandarines are order of the day.


We set off towards the spectacular waterfall created by the mountain natural spring. The perfect place to share our packed lunches. Kelly takes a refreshing paddle and the dogs drink their fill.

Then onwards towards the vultures Restaurant. And finally back to the cars and onto Venta Victoria for a quick coffee. And finally a sighs of contentment!!

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Matty & Tanya’s trip to Morocco

An account by Tanya who is a member of our team Energy for life: Thanks for Sharing.


Last November I asked one of my 17 year old twin sons if there was a small thing he would like to do over his February half term from school as his twin brother was lucky enough to be going to work on a yacht in Italy and yet he had nothing on at all. He knows my financial situation is not great and so it had to be something that he felt I could afford. With no hesitation he asked me if we could both go to Morrocco on a “giving trip”. He remembered me taking all the four children 7 years ago when he was only 10 and wanted to return. I jumped at the opportunity and since then we were collecting second hand clothes and toys of our own as well as from friends. Continue reading

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Funky Kirtan – @ 7.00pm Thursday 13th March

Hi All,

6.45 meet at Karen & Steve’s for 7.00pm start.

If you know anyone who is interested in being added to the email list please let me know.

Also if anyone plays an instrument please feel free to bring it along.

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The rain just can’t stop them!! – YOLO

Los Intrepidos strike again !! The team of Karen, Steve, Tanya and Trevor. Plus the dogs

Bayley and Skippy.Vulture.1

The Walk of the Vultures Restaurant:

The drizzle looked to be set in, we embraced nature and took it in our stride. On route we passed some wild garlic, small white flowers. When we reached the almond trees in blossom they were spectacular. As we reached the point of no return at the base of the mountain, Tanya quoted YOLO (You Only Live Once) and that was enough to spurs us onwards and upwards. Then the drizzle got heavier ! still it was  exhilarating  to out in such conditions.Vulture.2 At the halfway point we stopped for some of Trevor’s organic  mandarins. We had now levelled out and made our way to the vultures feeding ground, we saw one lone vulture flying above. We quickly made our descent down to the cars. It took 2 hours 15 minutes (instead of 3 and half) So we must have got a fair wiggle on.

Finally we drove back to Venta Victoria for coffees and a shared 103 Brandy for medicinal purposes only!!

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